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Buy With Me


Let Me Help You Find The Perfect Home

The triangle real estate market is overwhelming to be a buyer in. 

Here's what you can expect from me throughout the process:


A proactive approach...

  We won't be waiting for homes to pop on the MLS. I'll work with you to identify your perfect area and criteria and then we will go through past expired listings, send letters to homeowners on your behalf and leave no stone unturned in your search to find the ideal property. 


 From the buyer's consultation all the way past closing when UPS delivers a package to the previous owners of your new home I'm here. 

Attention to Detail

When a buyer walks into a home and instantly falls in love everything can be seen as perfect. Or, in a rushed multiple offer situation you may be tempted to not look as closely and rush to get your offer in. It's my goal in those moments to make sure we aren't missing critical details about the home or neighborhood.


Interview agents

  • According to HomeLight there are around 8,000 agents in the Raleigh area. Don't settle for the closest one available when the *perfect* house pops up. Start talking to agents early to find the perfect fit. All agents work differently according to their training, lifestyles and personalities.

Tour Houses

  • You may look at 1 or you may look at 50. Shop till you or your agent drop.

  • Try to look beyond decor

  • You can start off broad with your search and narrow as you go if you are a new buyer.

  • Take a break from looking if you get overwhelmed.

Make Offers

  • Your agent will help you craft offers. Each property and each market are very different.

  • Make offers YOU are comfortable with. Your agent can provide market expertise (that's why you hire us) but we don't have to live with the home you purchase. You do.

Under Contract
I think of the contract period in 3 different stages: Offer acceptance, due diligence period, the time between the end of due diligence and closing.


  1. Offer accepted

    • Deliver your due diligence deposit

    • Work with your agent and lender to get things scheduled. Examples of what may be scheduled:

    • Appraisal

    • Home Inspection

    • Pest Inspection

    • Radon Inspection

    • Survey

    • Septic & Water inspection/test

  2. Due Diligence Period | Inspection Period

    • You can cancel your contract at any point during this period. You forfeit the due diligence deposit and any money you've spent on inspections to this point.

    • All above inspections you selected are being preformed. You may or may not attend.

    • Obtain homeowners insurance

  3. DD Period Ends -> CLOSING

    • Earnest money is now non-refundable

    • Schedule utilities to be connected in your name

    • Stay up to date with your lender. Read and sign things they send to you quickly.


  • Final walk-through will be done typically same day. May be the day before. The purpose of the final walk through is to ensure the property condition is still the same as you expect and hasn't been damaged during move out or items that should have remained with the house have not been taken.

  • Your lender and agent can tell you specifically what to bring to closing. Expect: a current driver's license, certified funds for down payment if not wired. I also like my clients to bring a personal checkbook if they have one.

  • You'll sign many documents

  • You do not officially own the home until it records with the register of deeds which can take several hours or happen the next day if closing is late. The attorney may or may not disperse keys to you at the time of closing.

Post Closing

  • Celebrate!

  • Change your locks. You don't know who has a key.

  • If you receive mail from the previous owner feel free to contact your agent.

  • Enroll in autopay for your mortgage if desire.

  • Keep your inspection handy so you can work through the list as you have time.

Get In Touch

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Where do you want to buy? Chances are we've sold a home near there. 

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